Case Study

Modernization of an on-premise legacy reporting infrastructure, and a strategy to transition to a scalable Snowflake-based architecture


A prominent US-based Human Capital Management (HCM) company encountered significant difficulties with its dated on-premises reporting infrastructure. Beyond the mounting maintenance costs, the system was ill-equipped to handle the rising data volume and sophisticated analytics needs required by their national clientele.


Engaging Verdentra’s advisory and consulting services, a thorough evaluation of the HCM company’s existing framework was executed. Recognizing the core bottlenecks and inefficiencies, Verdentra devised a focused, multi-stage roadmap and migration strategy to transition to Snowflake – a contemporary cloud data platform. This intricate approach was tailored to refine data operations progressively, guarantee seamless data transition through each phase, and ensure the infrastructure’s readiness for future scalability challenges. The strategic migration from on-premise to cloud bolstered the scalability and stability of their platform, positioning them to meet the dynamic demands of their US-based clients more efficiently.

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