Who we are

We are a team of expert technologists with a shared mission of responsibly building technology solutions focused on business outcomes.

Our Mission

Shaping our collective future through technology

At Verdentra, our mission is to weave excellence, innovation, and sustainability into the very fabric of the digital landscape. Anchored by the dynamic potential of the cloud and a steadfast commitment to our clients’ success, we strive to engineer transformative technological solutions. Our journey is fueled by collaboration, understanding that united with our partners, we can redefine the boundaries of what’s possible. We don’t just code; we craft pathways to a brighter, more sustainable future, ensuring that every technological stride we make resonates with positive impact, both for businesses and the world at large.


Bringing a Product Mindset to Your Business Outcomes

We specialize in harnessing the power of cloud technology and our engineering mindset to drive innovation, efficiency, and scalability for businesses of all sizes. Our teams transform complex challenges into seamless, secure, and cost-effective solutions.

We bring deep understanding of the technologies and frameworks to every project we undertake. Our philosophy is to use the most progressive technologies as mere tools; our focus is on our client’s business outcomes, and we structure our engagements in this manner.

With over 2 ½ decades of working in the challenging Independent Software Vendor (ISV) space, our teams bring the product and engineering mindset to everything we do.

Our Ethos

Verdentra is built on a foundation of passion, expertise, and sustainability. ​These values guide everything we do, from the projects we take on to the way we interact with our clients and colleagues. ​

Excellence in technology

Our maniacal focus on excellence drives everything we do. With an experienced team at the helm, we consistently leverage the latest tools to deliver high-quality software services. By tailoring solutions to each client’s unique needs, we blend practical innovation with a relentless pursuit of superior results.

Focus on outcome

We’re driven by outcomes, not just technology. Each project centers on the concrete results our clients aim for. Our approach involves exploring new tech horizons and ensuring our solutions are scalable and adaptable, consistently aiming to surpass client expectations.


We believe in the power of collaboration. Building strong, lasting partnerships with our clients is central to our approach. By combining our expertise with our clients’ insights, we navigate the tech world together, aiming for shared success.

Positive impact

Verdentra is more than just tech; it’s a force for good. While we excel in our technological endeavors, our true mission is crafting solutions that prioritize sustainability and positive global impact. In an age defined by digital advancements, we’re committed to lighting the path to a more sustainable future.

Our Leadership

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Operating Officer - Asia

Country Head - Sri Lanka

Head of People and Culture

Board of Advisors

Greg Nicastro

Technology and Strategy Advisor

Global Technology Solutions Advisor

Leadership, Culture & Sales Advisor


Meet Our Team




Harsha Liyanage

Chief Executive Officer

Harsha excels in building high functioning technology teams that focused on bringing a product engineering mindset to every problem.

He is known for his intentional, pragmatic, and values-driven leadership which he applies to both his clients and his teams. Harsha translates his unrelenting trust of his team’s ability to innovate, to bring highly disruptive engagement models to his clients.

Prior to forming Verdentra Harsha was a founding member at Virtusa years (a $2B consulting firm) for over 25 years,  heading their HiTech / ISV business which is one of the most progressive and challenging industry segments.

Anuradha Weeraman

Chief Technology Officer

A technologist with over two decades of experience, Anuradha specializes in engineering, architecture and the development of software solutions. His extensive work with startups enables him to fuse business goals with technological advancements to drive tangible results.

Throughout his 23-year career as a technologist, Anuradha has been instrumental in setting up and leading global engineering teams, placing particular emphasis on harnessing emerging technologies. He possesses background in areas such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile technology, web3, blockchain & distributed ledger technologies, digital assets, systems programming, cryptography, and distributed systems.

Anuradha has spearheaded projects across diverse sectors: from AdTech and IoT-driven healthcare solutions to wearable technologies ensuring worker safety and complex system integrations for premier banks and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) based in the United States.

Outside the realm of his core professional endeavors, Anuradha is an ardent supporter of Free Software. He is also a Debian Developer and in his personal capacity, contributes to the Linux kernel.

Mahesh Wanigasooriya

Chief Operating Officer - Asia

With over two decades in the tech industry, Mahesh has excelled in roles at Pearson, Nokia, and Microsoft, specializing in business operations, legal, compliance, procurement, and vendor management. Renowned for his strategic leadership, Mahesh successfully relocated 800+ employees to a new facility without business disruption and implemented a global Oracle ERP solution. He also secured ISO 32001 certification, ensuring crisis resilience.

Before joining Verdentra, Mahesh spearheaded the establishment of a tech start-up in Sri Lanka and championed Agile transformations to enhance customer value delivery. His expertise spans business strategy, crisis management, finance partnering, procurement, and change management.

Rajindra Daniel

Country Head - Sri Lanka

With an impressive track record spanning nearly three decades in the field of sales and marketing, Rajindra is a seasoned professional known for his dedication and prowess in forging meaningful connections. At his core, Rajindra is a genuine people person who excels in the art of cultivating relationships, a talent that has been consistently demonstrated throughout his career. Prior to joining Verdentra, Rajindra held the role of Director of Sales and Marketing at Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, where he played a pivotal role in driving the commercial success of eight resorts located in Sri Lanka.

Vimashini Perera

Head of People and Culture

Vimashini Perera, with over 12 years of experience, brings a remarkable blend of expertise, versatility, and extensive experience to Verdentra. Her career spans both the manufacturing and IT industries, where she has honed her HR prowess in a variety of settings, ranging from dynamic IT start-ups to multinational IT giants.

Throughout her professional journey, Vimashini has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in all facets of HR management. Her portfolio includes a distinguished track record of driving organizational success through people-centric strategies. What sets Vimashini apart is her exceptional ability to provide coaching and mentoring, nurturing talent to reach their full potential.

With a sharp focus on process establishment, Vimashini has finely tuned all HR functions, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and alignment with organizational goals. Her proficiency in labor law is an invaluable asset, safeguarding both the company and its employees.

At her core, Vimashini is a people-oriented leader, dedicated to fostering a workplace culture that values collaboration, innovation, and growth. She embodies the spirit of HR as a strategic partner in achieving business objectives.

Greg Nicastro

Technology and Strategy Advisor

Boston-area based technology executive with 35+ years experience running Product and Technology for both independent software companies and large enterprises. Currently serving as an Operating Partner for Edison Partners and an independent director for both Upright (formerly FundThatFlip) and CloudSphere. Greg is an avid Boston sports fan. He lives in Boston with his French Bulldog (Bubba).

Chandika Mendis

Global Technology Solutions Advisor

Senior Technology Executive working with startups as a Consultant, Advisor and Angel Investor providing CTO services. In his previous role as a member of the Senior Leadership Team at Virtusa, headed Software Engineering and Innovation, leading the teams that created award-winning solutions that differentiated Virtusa in the red ocean of IT services. Proven ability to introduce and scale systems, processes and technology leadership structures for driving engineering excellence and client outcomes.

Vasan Srinivasan

Leadership, Cluture & Sales Advisor

Vasan Srinivasan coaches and mentors Executives and advises organizations on strategy, leadership, and sales using a framework built on insights gained from a rich life story of overcoming multiple personal setbacks and missteps, a successful 35+ year career as a global business executive, and a journey of self-discovery.  He has held senior global executives positions at FIS, EDS, CapGemini, Birlasoft, and Virtusa.